026-a purchase with a purpose

A purchase with a purpose

“A bit of fragrance always clings to the hand that gives roses.” – Chinese proverb

At Modropy, we believe that modern philanthropy is an authoritative force for good. It might have little meaning for people who believe in doing one-time charities to feel good about themselves, but modern philanthropy certainly is a boost to the existence and confidence of people in need. Every committed modern philanthropists wants to see positive results and changes within his/her life time and hence is in a constant lookout for meaningful charities and causes.

Modropy is a one of its kind crowd funding organization that helps you deirect your contributions and efforts to a charity/cause that is important to you. We understand that thoughtful giving is not a single-path expedition. To make a noteworthy contribution towards the betterment of the society, you must first thoroughly understand the needs of a community. Modropy engages in thorough research and provides you with all the support that is required to help you make good choices, so that you get to fast see the positive outcomes of your philanthropic endeavors.