The Modropy Story

For us at Modropy, Philanthropy is a way of life!

Everybody has a story, we have ours too…

We are a simple, conscientious group of people who understand that the world is full of larger challenges than many of us face and that there is much more that needs to be done. We strive to become catalysts of social empowerment, humanity and inspiration. We take philanthropy seriously; we work ceaselessly to encourage people to take up philanthropy as a way of life.

For us, philanthropy does not mean donating millions, thousands or even hundreds of dollars to charity. For us, philanthropy means doing the best we can for our community and to find viable solutions that would heal people who are affected by the larger problems on Earth.

While most of us have a desire to help, we do not know where to begin. We felt strongly that something needs to be done to make the “act of giving” simpler, and this formed the foundation of Modropy ‘Modern Philanthropy’.

Modropy aims to be an easy and viable medium between eager philanthropists and outstanding charities and causes. We are committed to lead this generation towards ‘philanthropy – as a way of life’.

We aim to be the most effective crowd funding platform of the present time and are committed to accomplish this by diligently following our 4-step action plan:

Step 1: Discovery

This is the most basic, yet the most important step; it aims at making people aware of causes that they would like to attach themselves to. Modropy identify, select and partner with one charity. We promote it on our platform so that more people are aware of the charity and learn how they can help towards the cause.

Step 2: Social Media Meets Social Good

In today’s era of social media, donating is just not enough, especially when you have the power to do much more. Your simple LIKE or SHARE on a social media platform can raise awareness amongst your social networks who will also be motivated to contribute towards the cause that they would like to attach themselves to.

Step 3: Purchase with a Purpose

And here comes the best part; we create custom designs inspired by a cause and sell them exclusively on our web site. This way we not only raise funds for the charity organization that supports that cause, but will also raise awareness whenever the patrons wear the limited edition custom designs.

Step 4: Sustainability

Sustainability, undoubtedly, plays a significant role in modern philanthropy and we at Modropy understand this very well. We strive hard to create an easy, viable and effective medium to bridge between wiling donors and needful charities, so that charities receive continuous aid and support from patrons.

Come, be a part of Modropy, be a part of this amazing endeavor that has the capacity to change the lives of millions of destitute and needy for good!