Love mankind, be a modern philanthropist.

The new word for Modern Philanthropy (Modropy)

We want to donate and be charitable because it is one of our innate desires to be kind and caring. The act of giving makes us feel good about ourselves. Modropy, the blend of the words ‘modern’ and ‘philanthropy’ is the new word for modern philanthropy. It encourages a shift from conventional charity or philanthropy, as modern philanthropists are committed to the causes they are involved with. Modropists want to see a positive change in the society, especially in the cause they are attached to, during their life time, and are more concerned about providing solutions than worrying about the problems. More than 90% of the modropists do not hesitate in donating towards the cause they are passionate about. The best part is that these modropists have self-made wealth that they are donating, and hence are not answerable to anyone and hence donate generously towards a good cause. Morever, they also leverage technology and social tools to spread awareness for good causes, and hence do their best in all ways to get the best possible support and donations for the cause they are associated with.